I. segment seg‧ment 1 [ˈsegmənt] noun [countable]
1. ECONOMICS a part of the economy of a country or of a company's work:

• The shipbuilding segment has reported higher earnings.

• Within the health care segment, pharmaceuticals sales increased 17%.

segment of

• Commodity funds are the fastest-growing segment of the retail futures business.

2. also ˈmarket ˌsegment MARKETING a group of customers that share similar characteristics, such as age, income, interests, and social class:

• How can a manufacturer target his products successfully on his chosen market segments?

3. also ˈmarket ˌsegment MARKETING the products or services in a particular part of the market:

• Our aim is to reach the market segment between conventional motor inns and budget motels.

  [m0] II. segment seg‧ment 2 [segˈment] verb [transitive]
MARKETING to divide a large group of people into smaller groups of people of a similar age or with similar incomes, interests etc, so that products that are most suitable for each group can be sold to it:

• Social class is a useful variable for segmenting consumer markets.

— segmentation noun [uncountable] :

• Product segmentation focuses on how consumers perceive and differentiate between available products.

* * *

segment UK US /ˈsegmənt/ noun [C]
MARKETING a group of customers for a product or service, who have similar characteristics or needs: »

Private contractors are having success in certain segments of the market.


consumer/customer segments

ECONOMICS a part into which something such as the economy or a company's work can be divided: a growing/large/narrow segment of sb/sth »

Technology includes the fastest-growing segments of the world economy.


an industry segment


There are a number of acquisition opportunities on the horizon for each of the company's business segments.

GRAPHS & CHARTS a part or section into which a chart, etc. is divided: »

You can see the size of the profit margin in the overlaps between the three segments of Figure 1.1.

See also MARKET SEGMENT(Cf. ↑market segment)
segment UK US /seɡˈment/ verb
[I or T] MARKETING to divide a market into different groups of customers who have similar characteristics or needs: »

By segmenting customers and products, technology has given banks the kind of data they need to pursue niche strategies.


The toy industry segments the market by age and gender.

segment (sth) into sth »

He argues that the car market is segmenting more and more into smaller groups of critical consumers.

[T] to divide something into different parts: »

That is one of the reasons why we are segmenting the company further.

segment sth into sth »

The store was segmented into different areas for different customers.

segmented adjective

There is a carefully segmented market in the making, with different designs carefully nuanced for every socioeconomic stratum.

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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